[UAF] Overwatch League

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Have you ever wanted to get more out of Overwatch? UAF might be the right place for you. Our goal is to create a competitive environment that everyone can experience. Those who join will be placed on a team, where they will compete with their fellow Overwatch clan members.

Within these teams, hopefully you will learn new tactics and strategies, all while meeting new friends along the way. As you continue to play with your fellow Overwatch teammates in UAF, you will have the opportunity to earn promotions and awards for participating in the clan.

UAF Time-Date
12:26 pm
Upcoming Matches
Escort Round-Robin
Alpha Vs Bravo
Alpha Vs Charlie
Bravo Vs Charlie
May 13 - 14

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League Standings
Squad Standing Points Games Played
Alpha 1st 8 4
Charlie 2nd 2 4
Bravo 3rd 2 4

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League Leaders
Player Squad PotGs
DarthVenamos Alpha 2
GunsAndRozer Alpha 1
MechNL Bravo 1

Player Squad Votes
Saka Charlie 4
GunsAndRozer Alpha 2
DarthVenamos Alpha 1

Player Squad Medals
GunsAndRozer Alpha 12
MechNL Bravo 10
DarthVenamos Alpha 6

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UAF Time-Date
12:26 pm
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Clan Squad Wars
Charlie Vs Echo
Bravo Vs Delta
Teamspeak Server
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