UAF - United Armed Forces Morals

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One of the top Battlefield 4 clans, The United Armed Forces BF4 clan offers you a unique military simulation experience. We are one of the most established and longer lasting Battlefield 4 clans that you will find. The UAF clan was founded in December of 2001, and has a long and rich history!

The goal of our Battlefield 4 clan is to offer everyone a chance to be a part of something meaningful, and ever improving. We are always looking for mature people to join one of the most fun and unique Battlefield 4 clans around. To join in the fun, feel free to post an application on the forums to enlist!

UAF - United Armed Forces Enlistment. Join Today!

In our UAF Battlefield 4 clan there is always something to do. Every weekend our clan gets events planned for BF4, be it fun recreational events or friendly scrims between UAF clan members.

Our Battlefield 4 clans members earn promotions and awards for participating in Battlefield 4 clan activities. We divide our members up between clan squads that match their play times as to better organize things. Each of our Battlefield 4 clans squads usually has a set time out of the week where they all get in game and play together.

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