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The United Armed Forces Dayz clan and Battlefield 4 military simulation is one of the most exciting Dayz and Battlefield 4 clans around! The United Armed Forces Dayz clan and Battlefield 4 simulation offers you a place where you can hang out, play some games and overall have a good time. We are one of the more established and longer lasting Battlefield clans that you will find. We are also proud of our new DayZ clan division. UAF was founded in December of 2001, and has a long and rich history!

The goal of the UAF Dayz clan and Battlefield 4 military simulation is to offer everyone a chance to be a part of something meaningful, and ever improving. We are always looking for mature people to join our Battlefield 4 and DayZ clan divisions to join in the fun that we have here. Feel free to post an application on the forums for either the Battlefield 4 or our clans Dayz division!

UAF - United Armed Forces Enlistment. Join Today!

There is always something to do in the clan, whether it involves Battlefield 4 or DayZ. Every weekend we got events planned for BF4, be it fun recreational events in our Dayz clan such as jeep jousting, or “shinny” which is an informal, friendly scrim between members of the clan. Our guys in DayZ are always moving around Chernarus foraging for supplies, hunting down bandits and getting into firefights, or helping out new Dayz players.

United Armed Forces members earn promotions and awards for participating in the Battlefield 4 and Dayz clan activities, and by being good folks in general. In our BF4 Division, we divide our members up between squads that match their play times as to better organize things. Each Battlefield and Dayz squad usually has a set time out of the week where they all get in game and play together.

Our DayZ guys usually play from the afternoon until the evening, running around Chernarus in a tactical manner doing what they can to help people out and stay alive.

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