Battle Recorder Archives Explanation
Welcome to the United Armed Forces Battle Archives!

This page holds the United Armed Forces battle recorder archives. Listed below are any important UAF events that have occured and was recorded. UAF members are encouraged to study these video's in order to learn from them, and brush up on tactics for future games.

1) Click on a game and download the file (it will be called auto_2009_?.?. BF2142DEMO file). You can rename this file eg: burnt_vs_blah.bf2142demo
2) Put the file in C:\Documents and Settings\YourName\My Documents\Battlefield 4\Profiles\Default\demos (If the demos folder isnt there then make one.)
3) Start Bf2142.
4) Click on Community tab then Battle Recorder.
5) The demo you downloaded will be on the right side. Click it then play.

Battle Recorder Key Commands:

Q - to change game speeds, restart map, pause and quit.
T - for changing player cam or to free cam.
Shift - Holding down shift whilst using the direction keys moves slowers.
Arrow Keys - You can move around the screen with your mouse and your movement keys.

1 - Pause Game
2 - Play Game
3 - Slow 5%
4 - Slow 25%
5 - Slow 50%
7 - Fast 150%
8 - Fast 300%
Space Bar - Switch to next player
Mouse Scroller - Zoom in and out
H - Change camera angle

UAF Time-Date
02:18 am
Upcoming Matches
Escort Round-Robin
Alpha Vs Bravo
Alpha Vs Charlie
Bravo Vs Charlie
May 13 - 14

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League Standings
Squad Standing Points Games Played
Alpha 1st 8 4
Charlie 2nd 2 4
Bravo 3rd 2 4

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League Leaders
Player Squad PotGs
DarthVenamos Alpha 2
GunsAndRozer Alpha 1
MechNL Bravo 1

Player Squad Votes
Saka Charlie 4
GunsAndRozer Alpha 2
DarthVenamos Alpha 1

Player Squad Medals
GunsAndRozer Alpha 12
MechNL Bravo 10
DarthVenamos Alpha 6

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UAF Time-Date
02:18 am
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