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The United Armed Forces are is active Military based Battlefield 4 clan. We share not only the common ground of the game we play, but we also share true friendship. UAF is one of the most unique clans you will find.

The internal workings of the UAF have been worked on since December of 2001 when it was created by Wolfcry044. UAF is always a work in progress, and there will never be a day we are done adding new things, and making it even more exciting. We are here not only to play games, but also to be there for each other when times are rough, and actually connect as a people who seek lasting friendships on the net.

Although the UAF is about friendship, it is also about following directives, orders, and commands. There shall not be a time where friendship outweighs doing what's right. Command refuses to favor people, regardless of how friendly they may be. If someone needs punished within the clan, that takes priority over friendship, so that all decisions are made fair and on equal grounds.

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10:35 pm
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