Info For Those Wishing To Join
Below you can find information on the clan and what exactly you will be getting into when you join up with us.
What The Clan Is All About
The United Armed Forces is primarily focused on building our amateur competitive league for Overwatch, otherwise known as Team Battles. Aside from that, we try to host fun events that take advantage of Overwatches’ custom game system. As a member of UAF, you have the opportunity to gain ranks and awards as you involve yourself move with the clan.

Expectations From Clan Members
Members of the clan are expected to be active within the community. The basic things to remember would be to respect your fellow clan member and to maintain a reasonable presence of the forums, TeamSpeak and in-game.
How to Join UAF
In order to Join UAF you must do the following:

1. Read over the rules.

2. Register on the forums.

3. Fill out an application for Overwatch!

4. Keep checking your topic for an administrator to accept you into the clan. While you wait, feel free to post around on other topics on the forums, and read the UAF Handbook.

6. After you are officially accepted into UAF, you will be placed in the academy where you will learn the ropes of UAF. From there, you will be drafted by one of the Overwatch teams.

UAF Time-Date
10:17 am
Upcoming Matches
Escort Round-Robin
Alpha Vs Bravo
Alpha Vs Charlie
Bravo Vs Charlie
May 13 - 14

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League Standings
Squad Standing Points Games Played
Alpha 1st 8 4
Charlie 2nd 2 4
Bravo 3rd 2 4

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League Leaders
Player Squad PotGs
DarthVenamos Alpha 2
GunsAndRozer Alpha 1
MechNL Bravo 1

Player Squad Votes
Saka Charlie 4
GunsAndRozer Alpha 2
DarthVenamos Alpha 1

Player Squad Medals
GunsAndRozer Alpha 12
MechNL Bravo 10
DarthVenamos Alpha 6

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UAF Time-Date
10:17 am
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Clan Squad Wars
Charlie Vs Echo
Bravo Vs Delta
Teamspeak Server
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