What are awards?

Awards are our way of showing our appreciation for our members. There are two types of awards, which include clan awards and division specific awards. Clan awards pertain to the clan in general, while division awards are specific to actions within their division and usually pertain to in-game achievements. Awards take the form of ribbons displayed under their recipients name on the forums.

How do I "wear" it?

Once you are issued an award, an admin will add it under your name via the admin control panel. If your profile is not updated promptly, message an admin and ask them to update it. Please do not put your awards in your signature.

How do I earn awards?

Each award has a description that tells you what that award is for, and who awards it. Typically awards are handed out once a month along with the promotions, however they can be awarded at any time.

Can I recomend someone for a award?

Yes, you can! If you know of an award that someone else 100% deserves, you can bring that to the attention of their squad leader or to whomever is capable of handing out said award.
How do I Get Promoted?

You earn promotions by staying active in the clan, joining in on events and practices, adhering to the rules and overall being a solid person.

Double Promotions

Double promotions can be earned each month by completing one of the following:
Have 30 posts on the forum in one month OR
Attend all squad events during the month OR
Attend all recreational events during the month.

When are promotions and awards handed out?

Promotions and awards are by default given out on the first day of each month, however they can be given out at any time should someone show they deserve it.

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