The Judge Advocate Generals Corps, or JAG for short, is responsible for keeping the peace in the clan. Judge Advocates are responsible for resolving internal conflicts, providing mediation between members, handing out disciplinary measures and providing security for the clan overall. In layman terms, they handle all the drama that naturally brews in a clan. They handle things in a discrete manner as to not let things spill over and cause more problems. JAG should only be contacted if you are having a very serious issue. Regular disputes are best handled through the chain of command.
Disciplinary Actions
Disciplinary actions are measures used against members that have broken the rules in the handbook. JAG and Global Command are responsible for disciplinary actions across the entire clan and have all classes of action open to them.
Class 1 Minor Disciplinary Actions
These actions can be taken by squad leaders, division commanders, JAG, and Global Command all without a vote.

An infraction is given out to members who break the rules of the clan. Infractions have a cool down time of 45 days.

TeamSpeak Kicks / Temp Bans:
If a member is disruptive or disrespectful on TeamSpeak, they can be kicked off or banned for a short period of time. A temporary ban may be no longer than 24 hours.

Class 2 Major Disciplinary Actions
Any of the following are automatically issued after a member receives their third infraction within the 45 day time period. These actions can be taken by JAG and Global Command. JAG must vote on the matter while Global Command can act as they see fit.

Members may be reduced in rank or removed from executive positions.

Suspension of Communications:
Members will be denied access to the forums and TeamSpeak. The minimum suspension time is 5 days. The maximum suspension is 14 days.
Members will be sent back to the academy and will have to complete double the usual requirements.

Banning members is the most serious action we can take. JAG must vote on the matter while Global Command can act as they see fit. Bans are always indefinite. Bans can only be overturned by Global Command or a JAG vote with 65% voting to overturn the ban.

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