Squad Wars
About Squad Wars

The United Armed Forces proudly introduces Squad Wars! Squad Wars is coming soon! All Squads are now encouraged to compete with each other by posting challenges to other Squads.

How does Squad Wars work? Squad Wars is where the different UAF Squads (made up of UAF Battlefield 4 Clan members) are pitted against each other in an innerclan, squad versus squad war. These battles earn prizes, as well as records scores. Whoever wins holds the floor on the website under the Squad Wars section, earns prizes, and generally earns the respect of other UAF Squads.

The idea behind Squads wars is to hone the players skills and teach them to act in unison within the United Armed Forces and Battlefield 4 game itself. This helps each member learn to cooperate inside their squads and UAF to achieve goals and also helps iron out any differences between players. Squad Wars is a great addition to the United Armed Forces, and the Battlefield 4 Clans squad system as well. If you have any questions about Squad Wars feel free to post them in the forums.

UAF Time-Date
02:17 am
Upcoming Matches
Escort Round-Robin
Alpha Vs Bravo
Alpha Vs Charlie
Bravo Vs Charlie
May 13 - 14

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League Standings
Squad Standing Points Games Played
Alpha 1st 8 4
Charlie 2nd 2 4
Bravo 3rd 2 4

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League Leaders
Player Squad PotGs
DarthVenamos Alpha 2
GunsAndRozer Alpha 1
MechNL Bravo 1

Player Squad Votes
Saka Charlie 4
GunsAndRozer Alpha 2
DarthVenamos Alpha 1

Player Squad Medals
GunsAndRozer Alpha 12
MechNL Bravo 10
DarthVenamos Alpha 6

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UAF Time-Date
02:17 am
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Clan Squad Wars
Charlie Vs Echo
Bravo Vs Delta
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