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Squad Wars
Squad Wars Rules
A season is composed of all regular season and playoff games.

A game contains the individual rounds that are played. Games serve no other purpose besides scheduling.

The rounds that are played in a game. Individual and team points are accumulated here.

Cease Fire Period
The 5 minute break period between every Round.
A Squad War Season will take place over a designated period of time. Each squad will play once against the other in a round robin, and that will determine playoff seeds.

The first place team will automatically qualify for the finals, while the lower seeds must play in the semi-finals.

All regular season games will be scheduled before the season begins.
All squad members are eligible to participate so long as they are not on leave or AWOL. Un-squadded High Command members, and reserve members may only take part if a team is below the minimum player count of four.
Games will be made up of 4 rounds.

Each squad must have at least 4 players active and ready to go as soon as the game is scheduled to begin.

If they are not ready to go, the first round will be forfeit and they will be given another 15 minutes.
If still not ready to go, the second round will be forfeit and they will be given another 15 minutes.
If still not ready to go, the third round will be forfeit and they will be given another 15 minutes.
If still not ready to go, the fourth round will be forfeit and the game will be concluded.
If neither squad has enough members, each squad will forfeit and be given the extra time as explained.

Once each squad has at least six members, the Game will begin.

When a round is forfeited, only points are awarded to the opposing team, not the tickets.
Each squad will play as US twice and RU twice on alternating rounds.

The ticket count will be 150.

The round will reset before each round. An admin will signal the beginning of the battle with 'LIVE LIVE LIVE' in the chat.
NO substitutions will be allowed during a round. Substitutions are only allowed during the cease fire period between rounds.

If a member is experiencing technical issues, the squad must play through without a sub. That member may rejoin at anytime during that round.
Between each round, there will be a reset period. You may not spawn or do anything during this period. The rest period has a maximum time of 5 minutes, and the Squad CO's can end it as soon as they are ready for the next round.

During this time, your squad may swap out players. After the 5 minutes, your squad must be in the server ready to go. If you are down any amount of players, you must play with those players. The squad with more players must drop players to even things up. The squad with more players do not have to drop under 6 players to even things up. This means a squad struggling to get members may play with under 6 players but only if they began the game with at least 6 players.

Example: If an game begins 7 vs 7 and one player leaves, the other must play 6 v 6, not 7 v 6. If a squad loses 2 players (5 v 7), the other must drop to 6 but does not have to drop below 5 to even things up.
General in-game chat is banned. Do not chat to the other team in any circumstance. The only people allowed to chat in the general chat are the squad CO's.

All participants must be in their squad's teamspeak channel and must stay in that channel throughout the game.
The server settings will be set to default normal.
The following weapons are banned: Any weapon that is bugged due to a gllitch or patch problem which could potentially give the player an advantage during the game.

All vehicles are banned.

Please note that weapon restrictions can change on a game to game basis, so make sure to stay informed.
Chatting to the other team.

Using a banned weapon.

Using a vehicle.

Capping flags or killing the other team during the 5 minute reset period.

Joining the other squad's teamspeak channel.

If you are kicked, you may not rejoin for the rest of the game, your stats will be forfeit and your squad will play with a player down.

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