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Squad Wars
A season is composed of all regular season and playoff games.

Match Date
The particular date that two teams play their games against eachother. Match dates serve no other purpose besides scheduling.

The rounds that are played on a particular match date. Individual and team points are accumulated here.

The regular season has each team play six match dates.

The playoffs will consist of two rounds. The first round will be the semi-finals. Teams will be seeded by their final placing in the regular season. The 1st team will face the 4th team, and the 2nd team will face the 3rd team. The higher seeded team will have home map and server advantage. The second round will be the squad wars finals. It will be on the higher seeded teams server.

For individual scoring, their kills, deaths, games played and points will be recorded during the regular season. Stats are not recorded during the playoffs. Teams gain two points per win, and 1 point for a tie. If teams are tied in points at the end of the season, a hierarchy will be followed to determine who gets the higher seed. It goes Wins -> MCOM DIFF -> MCOM For -> MCOM Against.

All rounds must be verified with a screenshot showing the scoreboard at the end of the game. Players will not recieve stats if they are not in the screenshot. If there is no screenshot, full penalties will be applied to both teams.
In order to participate in Squad Wars, you must be on the active duty roster (not retired, in the academy, or AWOL).

All players must respond to the scheduling thread on the forums in order to participate.

Members returning from retired status, or those freshly assigned a squad must wait around a week before they are able to participate in squad wars.

If there are uneven teams, a unsquadded member may join in as a sub. If one (or more) of the teams are below the minimum player count of three, then a member from another team can sub. In both situations, both teams must consent to the sub joining the game.

The mamximum match size will be five against five. The minimum match size will be three against three.
Games will be made up of 5 rounds.

Each squad must have at least three players active and ready to go as soon as the game is scheduled to begin.

During the regular season, each round will have a 15 minute timer and 3 M-COMs. Three rounds will be played on the home teams map, and two rounds will be played on the away teams map. It will be a 2-3 format.

During the playoffs, there will be no time limit and there will be 2 M-COMs tickets per side. The home / away format will be 2-2-1-1-1.
No substitutions will be allowed during or before a match, unless a member is having technical difficulties and is unable to play. A player who leaves due to technical difficulties is unable to participate in any future matches on the particular match date. The substitution must be approved by the match official.

Teams will be allowed to substitue members at the end of any round, or during their timeout. Substitues can start loading in 20 seconds before a round ends.
Each team has one five minute timeout. The can call their timeout at the end of any round.

General in-game chat is banned. Do not chat to the other team in any circumstance. The only people allowed to chat in the general chat are the squad captains and the match official.

All participants must be in their squad's teamspeak channel and must stay in that channel throughout the game.
Each squad must have an emblem that their players use during squad wars. All players on the same squad must wear the same emblem. To be a valid emblem, a maximum of 18 layers can be used for the design, leaving two layers remaining for player numbers. The squads color must be a significant theme in the emblem. For example, Foxtrot's color is orange, so it should have a fair amount of orange in it. Numbers need to have consistency.

Each player must have their own number, and it has to be unique within the squad. Valid numbers are one to nintey-nine. Single digit numbers must remain so. Examples of invalid numbers are 02, 124, 0, etc..

A player with an invalid emblem and/or an invalid number will not be allowed to participate in any match held.
The following Perks/Unlock/Weapon are banned and can not be used:
  • M320 except smoke.
  • M26 and all variants.
  • XM25, except smoke.
  • Claymores, C4, V40 mini-grenade, and the RGO impact grenade.
  • Battle pickups.
  • Spawnbeacon, TUGS, and motionballs/sensors.
  • FLIR and IRNV scopes.
  • ALL shotguns.
  • All DLC weapons and gadgets.
  • All SMAWs / RPG's

You may only use the following assault rifles:
  • ACE 23
  • M416
  • AEK-971
  • M16A4
  • AK-12
  • AN-94

You may only use the following carbines:
  • ACW-R
  • ACE 21QCB
  • AK 5C
  • M4
  • AKU-12

LMG's, PDW's, DMR's, Sniper Rifles and Handguns are not restricted, except for the following:
  • Mare's Leg
  • Groza-1
  • Groza-4
  • L86A2

Chatting to the other team.

Using a banned weapon.

Using the roofs on Siege and Zavod

"Cherrypicking" will not be allowed. Basically this boils down to camping the other teams spawn when the objective is nowhere near it.

A squad that holds possession of the bomb must always attempt to push. Taking the bomb and bringing it back to your spawn to "beat the clock" will result in a match penalty to the bomb carrier and you will play the rest of the match with a man down. If the official suspects you of camping possession, he will yell PUSH in chat as a warning before kicking.

Capping flags or killing the other team during the 5 minute reset period.

Joining the other squad's teamspeak channel.

If you are kicked, you may not rejoin for the rest of the game, your stats will be forfeit and your squad will play with a player down.

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