Team Battles
Stage Switch: An example of a stage switch is when you switch from attackers to defenders on a competitive map, or when a team wins a round on a control point map.

Objective Points: Objective points are the rounds you win on control point maps, or the stages you reach on the other maps. They are displayed in the green circles as shown below:
The regular season consists of four Match Weekends. Each weekend is focused on a different game mode. During these weekends, teams will play each other once. The map will be randomly chosen each match. The regular season will use the competitive rule set.

For individual scoring, their scorecard votes at the end of the round will be recorded, as well as how many plays of the game they receive. Teams will be asked to report on who got gold medals in the following categories: Eliminations, Objective Kills, Objective Time, Damage Done and Healing Done.

Teams gain two points per win, and 1 point for a tie. If teams are tied in points at the end of the season, a hierarchy will be followed to determine who gets the higher seed. The hierarchy is as follows: Wins -> Objective Points Differential -> Objective Points For -> Objective Points Against -> Objective Points per Minute (higher is better).

The playoffs will consist of two rounds. The first round will be the Semi-Finals. It will be played by the 2nd and 3rd placed teams. The second round will be the Finals. It will be played by the 1st place team and the winner of the Semi-Finals. The format will be a best-of-seven. The playoffs will use the quickplay rule set. Each game mode featured in the playoffs will be played on a predetermined map. Games 1 and 2 will be played on a control point map, games 3 and 4 will be played on an assault map, and games 5, 6, and 7 will be played on a hybrid map. For games 3, 5, and 7, the higher seeded team will play as the defenders.
To participate in Team Battles, you must be on the active duty roster (not retired, in the academy, or AWOL).

All players must respond to the scheduling thread on the forums to participate.

Members returning from retired status, or those freshly assigned a squad must wait around a week before they are able to participate in squad wars.

If there are uneven teams, an un-squadded member may join in as a sub. If one (or more) of the teams are below the minimum player count of three, then a member from another team can sub. In both situations, both teams must consent to the sub joining the game.

The maximum match size will be six against six. The minimum match size will be three against three.
Each team will have two types of timeouts available. The first timeout is three minutes long, and can only be called after a stage switch during the regular season, or at the end of the round during the playoffs. The second timeout is 40 seconds long, and can only be called during a round while no combat is taking place.

During the regular season, each timeout is available once a match to each team.

During the playoffs, each team will have one three-minute timeout, and two 40 second timeouts to use during the entire series. A team may only use a single 40 second timeout each round.
Each hero is broken down into the following categories:

All defense heroes are considered damage heroes except for Mei, who is considered a tank. Symmetra is considered a damage character.

For 3v3:
Each team must have one hero of each type.

For 4v4 and 5v5:
Each team must have one hero of each type, and a maximum of two of any type.

For 6v6:
No restrictions other than teams cannot use two of the same hero.
For 3v3:
On all maps, respawn time will be set to 75 percent and capture speed set to 125 percent.

For 4v4:
On all maps, respawn time will be set to 75 percent.
General in-game chat is banned. Do not chat to the other team in any circumstance. The only people allowed to chat in the general chat are the squad leaders and the match officials.

All participants must be in their squad's TeamSpeak channel and must stay in that channel throughout the game
There will be no roster substitutions, unless a team member rage quits.

Before each match, teams will have to submit their roster for that match. Once the roster is submitted, it cannot change for the remainder of the match, except for a rage quit substitution.

During the playoffs, on assault, escort, and hybrid maps, the attacking team must submit their rosters first, followed by the defending team.

Each player must have own number identification, and it has to be unique within the squad. Valid numbers are one to nintey-nine. Single digit numbers must remain so. Examples of invalid numbers are 02, 124, 0, etc..
You may be potentially kicked from the match for the following:
Chatting to the other team.
Using a restricted hero.
Joining the other squad's TeamSpeak channel.
Unsportsmanlike conduct directed publicly to the other team.

"Rage Quitting" a match will result in you being suspended from the rest of the match, and you may be suspended from future matches. Rage quitting during the playoffs will result in an automatic suspension from the rest of the playoffs.

If you are kicked, you may not rejoin for the rest of the game, your stats will be forfeit and your squad will play with a player down.
Ideally there are three match officials for any given match, however matches can still be officiated with only the lead official.

There are two types of match officials:
The lead official is responsible for setting up the lobby, recording match scores, recording match lengths, managing the timeouts, managing team rosters, and managing substitutions and kicks.

Team officials are responsible for monitoring a specific team and will be in that teams particular TeamSpeak channel. They are responsible for monitoring hero restrictions and recording individual stats. They may only speak when spoken to, or to enforce Team Battle rules. They may only spectate the team they are officiating.

Only un-squadded members may be match officials.
Overwatch supports up to 12 spectators in custom game modes. As such, there will be a hierarchy followed as to who gets these slots. The hierarchy is as follows: The Lead Official -> Team Officials -> Livestreamers (max 2) -> Members of the playing squads -> Everyone else.

Only the Lead Official and Livestreamers can spectate both teams at the same time. Team Officials must spectate the team they are officiating, and members from the playing squads can only spectate their squads. Any other spectators must choose a team to watch.
Only the designated livestreamers may stream matches. Streams must set to a two minute delay at minimum. Livestreaming from your personal or your team's view point is strictly forbidden and will result in a 40 week suspension that will carry over into future seasons.

You may only record video straight to you your computer (via such tools as FRAPS or Shadowplay). If you wish to upload these videos, they MUST be stripped of their audio. Failure to strip a video of its audio will result in a 40 week suspension that will carry over into future seasons.

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