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    Siege Wars Season I ~~ Rules and Info

    Season I of Siege Wars is around the corner, here will be all the information you will need for the upcoming season: Rules For season I, we will be trying out the ESL Ruleset. Rep Race Rep Race points will be tallied at the end of every week to determin which squad gets to choose attack or...
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    R6 Squad Roster

    So we've come to that time in the Rainbow Six Division where we're large enough to warrent seperation into to squads: Alpha and Bravo. For season 1 of Siege Wars we will begin with the following roster: ALPHA SQUAD : SemiC - CO Fragment Humor Sinner Fritzz delta38988 Guns_N_Rozer BRAVO SQUAD...
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    New bravo co!

    Acting on the authority of Acting Clan CO, gmb2bad4u, I hereby promote Private Silver Thunder to the rank of 2nd Lieutenant and appoint him as the new commanding officer of Bravo Squad. SemiC, OHC Colonel Rainbow Six Siege Commanding Officer
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