United Armed Forces Rulebook

UAF Rulebook
Below you can find our community rules. They must be followed by members and those on our discord server.
Core Rules
1. No offensive content will be tolerated on the forums. This includes abbreviations, and any content included in links.

2. No immature or annoying behavior will be tolerated on our discord or forums. This includes, but is not limited to, explicit topics of sex, racism, discrimination, raging, and profane remarks directed at other people.

3. Respect your fellow community members. Talking down, belittling, and offhanded comments will not be tolerated.

4. Hacking is forbidden.

5. As a member of UAF you must be on our discord server.

6. Members of UAF must comply with their activity requirements.

7. Tags withstanding, your in-game name for supported games, discord nickname on our server, and username on the forums must be the same. No names that can be considered offensive will be allowed. (Note: We do NOT require you to put "UAF" in your permenant usernames such as your discord or orgin account. Tags are only required if a game we support has a system to implement them.)

8. Follow proper avenues of communication as best as the situation allows it. Do not simply go straight to the top for everything.

9. Those who hold executive positions within the community must declare membership in any other organized gaming groups and may be required to give up membership in said groups in order to accept an executive position. This is dealt with on a case to case basis. Failure to disclose could result in a loss of position in UAF.

10. No poaching. Poaching is recruiting from other groups or communities without their permission, as well as encouraging people to leave UAF.

Grandfather Clauses
Rule 4: Upon the amendment to Rule 6 (Now known as Rule 4) on January 2nd 2016, all UAF members were given until January 16th 2016 to disclose any VAC bans to the General of the Army. Those who did were granted amnesty. Members that retired before January 2nd 2016 can apply for amnesty upon return to active duty.

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