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Feb 1, 2009
So, its that time of the year again. The holidays are here!

It is also a special time for UAF, as we celebrate another year in existence. This year is something special as we celebrate twenty years as a community. Twenty years is a long time. There are people in this community who were not even alive when Wolfcry and the gang started UAF back in December 2001. From Star Trek games, to Runescape to many a Battlefield game, it has been a long road. Twenty years of making new pals. Twenty years of playing games together. Twenty years of members finding out new things about themselves through experiences with us. Twenty years of good times, bad times, and everything in between. There is no sugar coating that its been a rough go for us since 2016 but yet here we are, back again, doing what perhaps we should of been doing all along - Squad Wars. The fact that so many faces came back to answer the call when we put the word out back in August truly speaks to the dedication people have to UAF and how we have left a lasting impact in people's lives; both as a community and as friends.

So here we are. UAF is a a little older and so are the rest of us. With time comes change. Since 2016, the time we truly came together, some of us have finished school, some have watched their kids finish school. New careers, new situations, and new relationships have been built. As time ticks on, the road we have all walked gets a little longer. Its been a pleasure to spend some of the time walking down that road with you guys. Now lets go see where that road takes us.

General of the Army
Global Command

For some house cleaning, we are shutting down for the holidays. So, no practices (optional or mandatory) will be allowed from December 21st to January 2nd. Take a break fellas.
That being said, we might have some kinda event for the 20th anniversary of UAF, but I have not decided yet.
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