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Thread: Piximellator's Oath of Enlistment

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    Default Piximellator's Oath of Enlistment

    Piximellator's Oath of Enlistment

    Do you own Battlefield 4 for the PC? You MUST own Battlefield 4 for the PC to join this clan.

    Will you remain active in-game?

    Will you remain active on the forums?

    Are you aware that we do not allow multiclanning? This includes other clans, but not communities.

    Did you read the UAF handbook?

    Where did you hear about UAF?
    Google search

    Do you have TeamSpeak? (UAF uses TeamSpeak 3)

    Do you have a mic?

    Are you willing to get on for weekly squad meet ups?

    What times and days do you usually play?
    usually every day (I'm a shift worker so I play more hours on off days)

    What are your first impressions of UAF?
    made me excited with the structure you have

    What time-zone do you live in?
    gmf -4:00

    Are you willing to follow the clan rules and understand that if you don't you will be kicked?

    Do you understand that UAF is a military style gaming community, and has a set Chain of Command to be followed?

    What is your in-game name?

    Is your Origin name the same as the name you registered on these forums with? If not are you okay with an admin changing it to match?

    Do you understand that All UAF members are required to be on TeamSpeak while in-game even if they do not have a Microphone unless a valid reason why you cannot do so is given to Command?

    Are you Male or Female?


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    Oath Accepted

    Welcome to the United Armed Forces! UAF is a well established clan always seeking new members to join our ever growing ranks of friendly, competitive and casual players. As a new recruit, we ask a few things from you in order to make your transition into the clan nice and smooth.

    Please read this all the way through. It outlines what you need to do in order to become a full member of the clan and provides you with some useful information.

    Becoming a Full Member
    Right now you hold the rank of recruit, which is good and all but in order join a department, or represent the clan in scrims you must become a private. You will be on a week-long probation period in which you must accomplish the following:
    • Make a welcome post here.
    • Join our battlelog platoon here.
    • Stay active on the forums, TS and in-game.
    • Demonstrate teamwork ability and communication skills.
    • Demonstrate an understanding of the rules.

    Connecting to Teamspeak 3
    Teamspeak is one of our main forms of communications, and you must be in Teamspeak while in game! This helps you meet the other members as well as communicate on the battlefield. Hop on as soon as you can so you can meet some of the people here! You can find the TS information here!
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