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Thread: Dulaz broke a rule by mistake and is really sorry :/

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    Default Dulaz broke a rule by mistake and is really sorry :/

    Hi, i just read back on my application and understood why you declined it..
    and i have no problem understanding that.. i am really sorry i honestly didnt think of that when i wrote it..
    i'm not used to profanity free websites and i apologize for my mistake..
    you dont hafto accept me back in, just wanted to say i am sorry.. and it really didnt fall me in att that point..

    i had to read the application like 5 times before i realized what i did wrong.. again sorry :/
    and i guess. bye, was alot of fun playing with you guys

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    Dulaz, your application was denied due to the violation of a rule right from the start. I would encourage you to spend some time in the UAF handbook so you will know our rules and procedures. (click the blue to take you there)

    However on a different note your application was only denied, it seems you were not banned from UAF. My advice to you would be read and understand the UAF handbook, once you have done that, consider re applying. Just remember we will have to take into account that this has happened. Thank you for owning up to your own cause. Just be mindful of what you're doing before you do it.
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