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Thread: Zappy's unban request and apology

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    Default Zappy's unban request and apology

    Before I get started I'd first like to say that I wasn't technically in the clan when I got banned. I enjoyed playing with UAF a lot and I decided to stick around just to play regular matches and casual games.
    I first have to apologize to PenguinStrike for posting a text ---- on his steam page when he obviously wasn't having a good day in the first place. I also took his name out of spite and anger due to the fact that I was banned immediately for it, and I will give it back even if my appeal gets denied.
    I acted extremely childish that day. And even though I had not had any warnings to my knowledge beforehand, I think a ban was slightly appropriate in this case.
    But I want a second chance. If I *mess* up the second chance given to me, go ahead and ban me again. But I really want to start over and share my experiences with UAF once BF1 comes out. It's just something I don't want to miss.
    Sorry for all the trouble I caused.
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