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Thread: Greetings From an Old Friend

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    Default Greetings From an Old Friend

    Hello UAF, recently I was thinking of the many days spent playing BF4 in Echo under Icarus or Galador, being apart of Alpha in its prime, or many of the glorious recreation events held by GMB or I (the bowling minigame with the truck being my personal favorite). My reasons being here are random, and so just I wanted to stop by and drop a hello to all members of UAF in hopes of kindling a flame, new or old. It had been almost four years since I joined the UAF and over year since I left, and I'm glad to see you guys are still taking the fight to the battlefield. These days I find myself playing Overwatch or WoW. I'll will try to get on the discord as I see the TS3 server is no more which is sad because Discord will easily use five times the amount of system resources(reee). None the less I hope to see you guys around very soon.
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    heyllo Kaverak , it so nice to see u .how r u , hows going ? join discord we can talk and play and spend some beautiful time .see u and be safe take care

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    Hey Kav, nice to hear from you again!

    I certainly remember all the good times taking Alpha from nada to something. Hope all is well with you.
    "All gave some, some gave All"

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