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Thread: Elation's Oath of Enlistment

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    Default Elation's Oath of Enlistment

    Elation's Oath of Enlistment
    Which game are you applying for?
    Rainbow 6: Seige
    Do you own the game you are applying for on PC?
    Are you willing to attend in-game events on a weekly basis?
    Will you actively check the forums?
    Did you read the UAF rulebook?
    Do you have Discord? If not, will you download it?
    Do you have a mic? If not, do you plan on getting one? (Yes/No Question)
    Will you follow the clan rules and meet the minimum activity requirements? If not, do you understand that you will be kicked?
    What time-zone do you live in?
    What is your ESO handle?
    What is your Uplay name?
    If you have a Steam account, type it in below.
    Does your forum name match of your in-game name for the game division you are joining? If not can we change it to match?
    How did you hear about the UAF? Were you referred? If so, by who?
    I was referred by SemiC a clan mod

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    Oath Accepted

    Welcome to the United Armed Forces! As a new recruit, we ask a few things from you in order to make your transition into the clan nice and smooth.

    Please read this all the way through. It outlines what you need to do in order to become a full member of the clan and provides you with some useful information.

    Becoming a Full Member
    Right now you hold the rank of recruit and are on probation. To become a private, you must accomplish the following:
    • Make a welcome post here.
    • Complete a short quiz on general clan knowledge. An admin will contact you about this shortly.
    • Be respectful and participate in the clan.

    You will have two weeks to complete these tasks, you may be booted out of the clan if you fail to do these!

    Connecting to Discord
    Discord is one of our main forms of communications, and you must be in Discord while in game! This helps you meet the other members as well as communicate on the battlefield. Hop on as soon as you can so you can meet some of the people here! You can find the Discord information here!
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