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Thread: Just Ordered A 1500 VA UPS

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    Default Just Ordered A 1500 VA UPS

    Those of you who remember the extended downtime our site had recently after a storm knocked out the electricity here will be glad to know that I've received a generous donation from a real estate company that I host to buy a server grade APC 1500 VA UPS.

    The reason the sites went down so long before was because the power outage corrupted a lot of the operating system files on our CentOS server, causing me to have to spend a whole day first attempting to repair it, and then resigning over to reformatting after realizing how deep the damage went in the file system.

    This new UPS will allow me to set the operating system to cleanly switch to the battery during power failure, and then cleanly shutdown the operating system once the battery becomes low so that there are no corrupt files due to unexpected shutdown.

    I did a lot of research and found the best one I could find for under 400 dollars. I saw some with better battery life, but they were not pure sine and pure sine is what we want.

    It will only protect against around 400 Joel electricity surge, but I'm going to plug it into a surge protector with protection against 4,000 joels so that'll be covered. = )

    I also have triple redundant daily/weekly/monthly backups (Entire server,file,database,everything backups being saved on two different internal drives, an external drive that I only plugin to load backups onto and then unplug USB/Power so that electricity surges can't kill it) and then I save one most recent full server backup on another external drive just to be certain we always have backups.

    I'm also devising a plan to dual boot Centos on the laptop I'm using now for personal use, and install the virtualization software onto it that would allow me load up a server image backup into it and load the server on this laptop on the fly if anything ever went wrong with the server machine.

    This laptop is nearly the same specs as the server PC. 16 Gigs quad channel RAM, solid state drive, but this laptop has a quad core I-7 processor rather than the six core xeon server grade I-7 processor the server machine has.

    Still, I'm sure no one would notice the difference if I had to load it on this laptop for a while while I worked on the server machine.

    At any rate, just thought I'd let you all know how things are going with the server. = )
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