Service Awards
These awards are given out for completing tangable tasks within the clan.
Veteran Ribbons
UAF Veteran Awards

Aquired after every year of service for 9 years total.
Defence Ribbon
UAF Defense Ribbon

Aquired for defeating another clan in an organized match.

Donation Ribbon
Medal of Riches

To a member who donates money to UAF or offers their resources (servers, etc.) to the cause of the clan.

Event Champion Ribbon
News Departmental Excellence

Aquired for winning an event organzied by the Recreation Department

Academy Dogtagger Award
Academy Dogtagger Award

Member who graduated from the academy by aquiring the required amount of dogtags from other UAF members.

Academy Perfect Score Award
Academy Perfect Score Award

Member scored a perfect score on their academy test.

League Service Award
League Service Award

Must be in league team. Awarded for 8 weeks of league team service, attending a majority of events.

League Efficiency Award
League Efficiency Award

Must be in league team.Awarded to team members who have attended all of the events in the 8 week period.

Post Count Ribbons
UAF Veteran Awards

Aquired for posting a specific amount of posts.

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