Leave Requests
For those who are going to be inactive for a few days or more.

You must request leave in the leave forum . Please let us know how long you will be gone for, and why. If you donít wish to share why you are gone for personal reasons, that is okay.

While on leave, you will not be required to fulfill any activity requirements.

Upon return, you must reply to your post in the leave forum, stating you have returned.

If you do not request leave and are inactive for a certain period of time, you will be considered AWOL.
Sometimes our lives change and we no longer have the time we once did to stay active in the clan. Maybe youíve had enough of Battlefield for a little bit. Whatever the case, you can always retire.

As a retired member, you are still a member of UAF so the multiclanning rule still applies to you.

When you are retired you may not participate in squad wars or be in a department. You may regain your rank upon becoming an active duty member again.
People who resign are leaving the clan for good. Once you resign you are no longer a member of UAF. Members have 48 hours to reverse their resignations before it becomes permanent.
AWOL stands for Away WithOut Leave. Basically, if you disappear off the map and we have no idea what happened to you, then you will be considered AWOL. Typically the ball park figure for being considered AWOL is about 1.5 to 2 weeks without contact with the clan, or if you are AWOL from two squad events in a row.

When you are considered AWOL, you will be booted from your squad.

After two weeks of being AWOL, one of two things will happen:

1. If you are a recruit or private (silver grade), you will simply be booted from the clan.
2. If you are ranked higher than a private (silver grade), you will be retired from the active duty roster. Upon returning (If you ever do) you will be placed back into your squad.

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